Maintenance Technician

Xj Elevator Pte Ltd

Position: Maintenance Technician
Department: Service/Maintenance Department
Job Description:

A Maintenance technician at an elevator company is responsible for ensuring a safe and efficient operation of elevators and escalators.

• Routine Maintenance:* Perform regular inspections and maintenance on elevators and escalators to ensure they operate smoothly and safely.

• Troubleshooting:* Identify and diagnose issues with elevator systems, including mechanical, electrical, and electronic components.

• Repairs:* Carry out necessary repairs and replacements of faulty parts or components, ensuring minimal downtime.

• Safety Compliance:* Ensure that all maintenance and repair work adheres to safety regulations and industry standards to guarantee passenger safety.

• Testing:* Conduct performance tests on elevators and escalators after maintenance or repairs to verify proper functioning.

• Documentation:* Maintain detailed records of maintenance activities, repairs, and inspections for compliance and historical reference.

• Emergency Response:* Be on-call or respond to emergency maintenance requests to address critical issues promptly.

• Upgrades:* Assist in the installation and upgrading of elevator systems, including modernization projects.

• Training:* Stay up-to-date with the latest elevator technology and safety standards through training and professional development.

• Customer Interaction:* Communicate with clients or building owners to provide updates on maintenance schedules, repairs, and any potential issues.

• Inventory Management:* Manage inventory of spare parts and equipment necessary for maintenance and repairs.

• Team Collaboration:* Collaborate with other maintenance engineers, technicians, and support staff to ensure efficient operations.


• Elevator modernization knowledge and experience

• Great interpersonal skills and customer-oriented behaviour

• Collaborative approach, strong team-working skills and self-motivated

• Familiarity of elevator and escalator products knowledge

• Minimum 3 years of maintenance of lifts & escalator (preferred) or other relevant experience

• Good spoken and written English

• Preferably possesses own transport

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